In today’s cosmetic world, when there are so many dermal fillers to choose from, I continue to be so impressed with Bellafill, especially when injected with cannulas. When HA fillers first hit the market, most injectors were impressed with the results and the ease of injection. The duration of results were a different story. Most HA’s, depending on the area being injected, would last 6-9 months. Patients would then return for another injection visit and depending on their social schedule, would sometimes have to plan for some facial bruising. Over time, many patients developed injection or needle fatigue causing them to give up on “keeping up” their results. Fast forward to 2017 and say hello to Bellafill. With it’s 2 ingredient “recipe”, Bellafill gives immediate results that improve over time as collagen builds around the product. It continues to be the only dermal filler with a 5 year safety study in the US. Injecting this product with blunt tipped cannulas adds to the safety profile while reducing pain and bruising. Most patients have very little to no bruising immediately following their treatment. I encourage anyone interested in Bellafill to come in for a visit and let’s talk about treatment options and goals.

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